the love we have in common 

the heart of global peace

love starts here

free to be me ...
free to love you

sowing more love

love is ...
 the gift we were given and the gift we give


We each have a Godseed, or a spark of love planted within us; and when we nurture that seed, love overcomes our fears and our separateness. 


What if everybody wore a smile that whispered or beamed "Godseed"?  I believe we can inspire that kind of world by reminding people of the love within.  And while I've written books, perhaps a picture or a few words strategically placed will reach more people with a glimpse of what can't be measured but matters most.  Love.     

The products are deliberately simple, with a quiet elegance and knowing; because love is.  


Love is the gift we were given and the gift we give; and by fully receiving the gift, we can offer it unconditionally to others.  In that spirit, proceeds from this website are used to help those in need to know the best of who they are.  

                                                                             Jan Denise

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