Meet our team.  

We believe in the love, or the Godseed, within each of us.  And we are committed to connecting with that love in a way that inspires others to know the best of who they are.  


Thank you for connecting with Godseed Originals

Our Belief:  We each have a Godseed, or a spark of love planted within us; and when we nurture that seed, love overcomes our fears and our separateness.  

Our Mission:  To share and nurture that belief through deliberately simple and quietly elegant greeting cards, t-shirts, bracelets, original art, and handcrafted gifts that point to the love we all have in common; and in the process of doing that, to help those in need to know the best of who they are.        

Our Team:  We are likeminded, but pool a variety of skills.  Working together, we can design, build, market, and distribute products that inspire all people to know and love themselves ... and to love others as they love themselves.  And in doing so, we can provide those in need of work with an opportunity to know the satisfaction of earning their own keep with an entry level job (painting bags, t-shirts, cutting copper hearts, and hammering "love starts here"), while we also assist them in caring for their physical needs, nurturing the love within, and reclaiming their dreams.  

Note About Proceeds:  Proceeds from this website are used to cover the cost of production, grow jobs, and build community.

jan,_author,_from_facebookJan Denise

Jan launched Godseed Originals in 2011, but it was birthed with her in 1958.  All of her choices and life experiences have brought her to the present, where she is remembering what she has always known.  There is only love ... and it is everywhere when we have eyes to see it.  Jan is the author of "Innately Good" and "Naked Relationships," the columnist who penned nationally syndicated "Inside Relationships" for ten years, and a relationships and self-worth consultant.  Learning to love well is her full time joy.  For more info, visit:


Sam Ferguson

Fifty four years into my life I discovered the seed within; and aligning with love and fearlessness, I found my soul mate in Jan. Other life miracles would follow. Following our creator means following a narrow path, and we need all the friends we can muster lest we cave. The future calls for not only friends, but community; and above all else, this is what I seek and what I see as “Heaven on Earth”.  I am also an equine veterinarian, with a passion for horses.

godseed,_team,_bender_from_fbBrenda C. Bender
Social Worker

Brenda is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She has two happily married children and four grandchildren.  Her primary interest in retirement is becoming a more God-like person.  "The concept of Godseed resonates deeply with me, as I believe God is in us, and wants us all to discover his presence, which is love, to the fullest extent."  She has a strong interest in learning and writing, and is a Donovan Scholar at the University of Kentucky.  She is also an associate with ASEA, a unique redox signaling product which is advancing life for its users.  

Charles Worthington
Creative Genius

Charles has enforced the law, created new products, developed businesses, built buildings and towers, designed the "impossible," tamed animals, sculpted steel, and melted hearts.  Think MacGyver, Tarzan, and Van Gogh.  He is the epitome of the coveted combination of strength and meekness.  What he does best is love.  There is nothing he can't do ... and nothing he won't do for the sake of love.    

godseed,_team,_hastingsMary Ann Hastings
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Mary Ann has been a vocational rehabilitation counselor for nearly all of her work life.  Whether it was with the title of Peace Corp Volunteer in Chile, Missionary to Persons with HIV/AIDS in Puerto Rico, or Director, Supported Employment, Center for Evidence Based Practices at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, Mary Ann’s passion has always been helping people to pursue their passion (and sometimes to find the courage) to live their dreams.  Her Godseed is presently shining through her work helping persons who are blind/visually impaired to get their dream job.  She and her husband, Lance Hastings, live in Gainesville, Florida. 

godseed,_team,_hench_2David Hench

As an avid admirer of spiritual and inspirational writing (reading under Jan's guidance), I become awakened to the power that our beliefs and thoughts have in creating our lives, and gain a glimpse of a deeper truth to my existence. My Godseed resonates to the spirit of compassionate, inspirational, summon-the-best-in-you type of writing.  We believe in the innate goodness of the true self, the sacredness of the journey to encounter it, and that this true self, our very faculty of awareness and being, is a "divine spark" of consciousness ... our Godseed.  We awaken ... and we learn compassion for our human struggle, and we connect with the universal human struggle to touch our goodness. We awaken ... and wisdom takes us inward to seek our value and worthiness, having realized it isn't to be found in driven external pursuits. We stop running from our inner truth to turn and face. We awaken ... and the good wolf is waiting for us from within to help us know the meaning of joy. 


Valerie Bretl
Mosaic Artist

My Godseed is expressed through mosaic art which began with a single work made in 1968 that led to an MFA degree and a full-time art career.  I exhibit in museums and multi-national mosaic events as well as owning a mosaic art gallery in Rhode Island.  More importantly, I am the mother of two grown children who further the love of nature and humanity with their lives and deeds.  You may visit Valerie's website at: 

Marianneb van der Haar
Acrylic and Mixed Media Artist

Marianneb started painting in 1995 while taking a sabbatical from interior design.  “I picked up the paints and my future just came to me and exploded,” she explains. Her styles range from pure abstract to human and nature inspired art pieces. The abstract works are evocations of emotions, energy and visions. The flower and figure paintings are a more concrete vision of what she sees, senses, and feels in the world, in the environment and in the seasons of the year. Her award winning work is shown throughout the United States, India, Singapore, The Netherlands, Germany and Majorca ... and Sam and Jan delight in displaying her "Trust" over their baby grand piano.  You may visit Marianneb's website at:


Metal Artist

Koryn is a wife, mother, artist, blogger and breast cancer survivor. Working from her home studio  in Virginia since her 2009 cancer treatment, she finds solace, healing and comfort in creating unique pieces of inspiring art. She has spent 26 years traveling the world with her military spouse and enjoys photography, cooking and long walks in the woods with her golden retriever, Colby.  You may visit Koryn's website at:

godseed,_team,_gernhardt_maskAmy Gernhardt

Clay Artist

Amy is an accomplished clay artist using her degree in history and her interests in religion and introspection to develop a most intrigueing series of masks especially for Godseed.  She says that what's behind the mask is now the feature event.  She lives in Cedar Key Florida where she and her husband Henry K Gernhardt own Cedar Key Pottery. They formulate their own glazes and clay bodies, and fire their own work in that very special place.  You may visit Amy's website at:


momElizabeth Dandron
Founder's Mom

Elizabeth is an ever-devoted and adored mother of six children, grandmother, and great grandmother.  She is an author, a Bible scholar, and a source of strength and wisdom to many.  And she has given her daughter Jan her blessing for Godseed, but she does so without bias.  She is fearless in expressing her truth.   


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